Buying a Bathroom: Why the Customization Options Are Endless with Portable Restrooms

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See what kinds of customization options you have for portable restrooms, ADA compliant restroom trailers, and mobile shower units.

If you are used to unsanitary, plastic box restrooms for your events or work sites, the available customization options for portable restroom trailers will be a real game changer. Supplying comfortable, sanitary restroom facilities for site-based workers, event attendees, large private gatherings, or emergency situations, such as power outages and periods of extreme weather, is not a task that should …

What’s the Best Type of Portable Restroom Trailer for Your Wedding?

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What is the best type of portable restroom trailer you can rent for a wedding? Talk to LuxuryLav!

An outdoor wedding can be an event to remember, but not if your guests lack access to sanitary bathrooms. Finding the best type of portable restroom trailer for a wedding helps ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. Planning the perfect wedding, or any large event outdoor event, requires keeping guests well fed, well hydrated, and well taken care of. …