5 Ways Mobile Restroom Trailers Will Change Your Life

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The benefits of mobile restroom trailers will sell you on the fact that you need one now! Contact LuxuryLav for more information.

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You do not have to settle for a subpar outdoor restroom at your worksite or event. Let your workers and guests enjoy the clean, sanitary experience of mobile restroom trailers.

Whether the venue is an outdoor wedding, community event, or industrial worksite, sanitary restrooms play an important role in both guest comfort and employee productivity. If you think that the plastic restroom box, a Porta Potty, is your only mobile restroom option for your guests and employees, it is time to consider the many benefits of mobile restroom trailers

  • Comfort

Construction sites are just one example of where mobile restroom trailers offer a superior long-term solution for clean, hygienic restroom facilities. Mobile restroom trailers are easy to keep clean and stocked with paper goods and soap for users, in much the same way that traditional indoor bathrooms are maintained. Sewage tanks can be easily pumped when necessary, without the mess and odors associated with Porta Potties. Because mobile restroom trailers have running water and real sinks for hygiene needs, users enjoy the same type of comfort they are used to with indoor public restrooms. With heating and air conditioning, mobile restroom trailers minimize the impact that both cold and hot weather can have on event attendance.

  • Convenience of Set Up

When you purchase a mobile restroom trailer, you reduce the amount of planning and coordination that is required for a work site or event. You set up and then move to the next site at your convenience, which translates to one less thing to worry about as you prepare for your next event. Available in a variety of configurations with multiple restrooms per unit, mobile restroom trailers are welcome additions to construction sites, outdoor weddings, and events in remote locations that are not equipped with adequate restroom facilities.

  • Ideal for Families with Small Children

Summer camps, family reunions, and outdoor corporate events are just three of the many events held outdoors in areas where traditional restroom facilities may not be available or do not meet the requirements of the attendees. Many of these events often include families with small children. Unlike Porta Potties, mobile restroom trailers offer sufficient space, as well as running water and sinks to help children feel more comfortable during bathroom breaks. Parents and caregivers can more easily accompany and supervise their children in crowded situations, making them feel safer and more secure.

  • Real Accessibility for Guests and Employees with Disabilities

While many Porta Potties are labeled as being handicapped accessible, there is not adequate room to manage a wheelchair or other mobility devices comfortably and safely. And since Porta Potties typically need to be installed away from the main activity areas due to concerns with odors, it can be even more difficult for individuals who have mobility issues or disabilities to access them. Mobile restroom trailers have no open sewage pit to emit odors or encourage flies and other insects, making it possible to locate them in a more centrally convenient location. Plus, our mobile restroom trailers are not just “handicap accessible” – they are 100% ADA compliant using grab bars and spacious ramps to accommodate wheel chairs, walkers, and other mobility devices of any shape and size.

  • Increased Attendance

Any business owner, event planner, or construction site manager who has ever had to deal with Porta Potties can attest that they are far from convenient, attractive, or hassle-free. Instead, even when set up properly and emptied on schedule, Porta Potties have a wholly unattractive odor that permeates the area. With limited or no running water for washing hands after using the restroom, people are at higher risk for contracting a communicable disease. One of the many benefits of mobile restroom trailers is the appreciation of guests and employees who will enjoy a more hygienic bathroom experience at your event or worksite. Simple to move and easy to maintain, mobile restroom trailers can make those uncomfortable Porta Potty experiences a distant memory.

If you want to learn more about purchasing a sanitary, convenient mobile restroom trailer, Contact LuxuryLav at 877-380-8515 today.

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