All public venues and government entities have to adhere to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements for their facilities. This includes providing restroom accommodations that are handicap accessible. LuxuryLav believes that every person deserves the dignity of a private and accessible bathroom, which is why we offer a line of ADA compliant restroom trailers. That’s right – our portable restroom trailers are not just handicap accessible, but fully ADA compliant.

Setting up a portable restroom trailer is easy, as the railing and ramp assembly is entirely self-contained within a hydraulic lowering system. The high sinks, wide entry doors, stainless steel grab bars and hand rails, and push-to-flush buttons available with ADA compliant restroom trailers either meet or exceed standard ADA requirements to make every guest’s experience comfortable.

Our ADA compliant restroom trailers are great for schools, parks, restaurants, government agencies, or office buildings in need of an accessible sanitation solution. Offering handicap accessible restrooms also helps protect your business from discrimination lawsuits and, more importantly, it protects the dignity and privacy of your patrons and employees.

LuxuryLav’s ADA compliant restroom trailers are also perfect for people suffering from temporary injuries and elderly family members at your weddings, family reunions, or birthday parties. Be considerate and mindful, and when in doubt – choose an ADA compliant restroom trailer.



    • High clearance Preformed Sink (ADA compliant)
    • Self-Closing Faucet With Front Push Operation
    • Soap Dispenser
    • Shatter Proof Mirror
    • Ceramic China Bowl Toilet With Wall Mounted Push Button
      Flush (ADA compliant)
    • Toilet Paper Holder
    • Paper Towel Dispenser
    • Waste Basket
    • Smooth, Mar-Resistant Laminated Interior Walls
    • 1-Piece, Non-Skid Rubber Floor
    • 1-Piece Ceiling With Built In Air Supply & Air Return
    • Wall Mounted Thermostat
    • 36”W Entry Door (Exceeds ADA Requirements)
    • Interior Turning Radius And Exterior Landing Turning Radius
      Exceeds ADA Requirements
    • Hand Rails And Grab Bars Are 1¼” Stainless Steel (ADA Compliant)

Color Options

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    • LED Porch Light & Occupancy Indicator Light
    • 3” Quick Connect Waste Tank Access Valve
    • Waste Tank Level (Sight Glass)
    • Fresh Water Hook-Up
    • 120v/20 AMP Motor-Base Receptacle
    • Roof Mounted Low Profile A/C with Heat Strip
    • ADA Ramp System With 1¼” Stainless Steel Railings
  • Optional Features

    • Fresh Water System (105 gal.)
    • Stereo
    • Mirror Frames
    • Dyson AirbladeTM Hand Dryer
    • Water Heater
    • Roof Vents
    • Interior Color Options
    • Crane Lifting Points
    • Full Winterization Package

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