Ready to Rent? Here’s How Portable Restroom Trailers Work

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While portable restroom trailers are ideal for festivals and fairs, they also add convenience and comfort for weddings, tailgating, and long-term construction projects.

Most people associate portable restrooms with major outdoor events, such as weddings, festivals, fairs, concerts, and tailgating. The Porta Potty is usually something to endure rather than a nice amenity that adds to the overall experience of the event. Portable restroom trailers provide a clean and sanitary alternative with running water, flushable toilets, climate-controlled temperatures, and attendant service that allows planners and organizers to focus on the event. You can rent or buy portable restroom trailers for a variety of purposes, such as when your business has an all-day outdoor conference or when you are hosting a large event or undergoing construction at your home or office. Remove any logistical worries or sanitary concerns for your next event with portable restroom rentals.

How Do Portable Restroom Trailers Work?

Luxury portable restroom trailers are designed to offer not only ease and convenience, but also as affordable and sanitary solutions for small to large outdoor events. There are a number of different styles that have mirrors, stalls, sinks, showers, seating, sound systems, and more. When you reserve a portable restroom trailer, you know the restroom is thoroughly cleaned, the interiors are nicely appointed, there’s running water with fresh water holding tanks, the heating and air are set for comfort, and all the supplies you will need are stocked and prepared.

Compared to the unsanitary open sewage of a Porta Potty, high end portable restroom trailers have a separate wastewater holding tank for waste water. There are also Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant trailers available to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with disabilities or the elderly.

What Happens Once the Portable Restroom Is Delivered?

Once the portable restroom trailer is delivered to your location, the unit is set up based on the needs of the event and your specifications. The services offered for portable restroom trailers will vary depending on the company, but at LuxuryLav we always offer attendant services to help ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether your event lasts for one day or multiple days, the trailers will be pumped out, cleaned and sanitized, and paper goods replenished for a seamlessly comfortable experience. Immediately after the event, the portable restroom trailer is picked up and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for the next client.

Cost Factors in Portable Restroom Rental

While the cost of a portable restroom trailer is more than a regular Porta Potty, the peace of mind you have throughout the duration of the event that your guests and attendees have clean, comfortable facilities makes it worth it. You can request a quote for deluxe portable restroom rental. The options can vary depending on your needs and the specific amenities included:

• Sinks with running water
• Heating and air
• LED lighting
• Sound systems
• Attendant Service
• Showers
• ADA compliant units

Long-term rentals may be required by organizations undergoing significant construction projects, or for traveling events that want a nice experience for their staff and patrons. Long-term portable restroom rentals are convenient and help meet any compliance issues you may encounter. If you anticipate needing a portable restroom trailer often (or if you don’t want to let your unit go after an event), know that buying your own restroom trailer fit to your specifications is also an excellent option.

Purchasing a Portable Restroom Trailer

Although portable restrooms rentals are a great option for many events, there are some instances where purchasing your own portable restroom trailer is the best solution. This works well for commercial properties, parks, recreation sites, outdoor wedding venues, and rural areas where there is a problem with adequate plumbing or restroom facilities. For contractors, this is a viable solution that can work onsite and be moved to the next location with little effort. Purchasing a mobile restroom trailer provides a clean and sanitary solution for all employees, whether they are office staff, construction workers, or prospective clients who are visiting the site.

Make sure your next event is a clean, convenient, and comfortable experience for everyone with a portable restroom trailer. Contact LuxuryLav at 877-380-8515 to make your reservation today.

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