Renting vs. Buying a Mobile Restroom Trailer

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renting vs. buying a mobile restroom trailer

Restroom trailers offer a unique blend of utility and convenience for your sanitation needs. When weighing the decision of renting versus buying a mobile restroom trailer for your business, consider the features, availability, and costs involved.

Whether you own an event management company with hundreds of guests or a construction firm with dozens of contractors, being able to provide adequate restroom facilities is essential. Mobile restroom trailers are an obvious choice for a company that wants to provide portable bathroom facilities, but you may be weighing the options of renting versus buying a mobile restroom trailer. The following information will help you determine whether buying a trailer is a promising investment for your business.


One of the advantages of buying a mobile restroom trailer is your ability to choose unique features that matter for your guests or employees. For example, if you own an event company that regularly hosts nighttime parties or concerts, you can add ambient lighting for added visibility and safety. ADA-compliant ramp options can ensure accessibility for everyone, and if a superior restroom experience is one of your goals, consider high-end flooring and custom cabinets. Other features, such as winterization packages and expanded waste tanks, offer the practicality and durability required at construction sites.


Renting a mobile restroom trailer can be a great choice for major outdoor events that happen occasionally and are planned far in advance, such as weddings, festivals, and concerts. However, if the need for portable restrooms arises at the last moment, you may run into problems when it comes to scheduling. Because mobile restroom trailers are in such high demand, their availability is limited. If you buy a trailer, you can use it as frequently as you want without worrying about your sanitation plans falling through at the last moment.


Repeatedly renting a mobile restroom trailer will begin to affect your bottom line if your company needs portable sanitation solutions on a regular basis. When you recognize the benefits of consistently being able to offer a superior restroom experience, the decision between renting versus buying a mobile restroom trailer becomes much simpler. A trailer with the high-end features that wedding guests and partygoers will expect can cost as little as $45,000, while a quality model with more basic amenities is available for less than $20,000. If you anticipate that you will need portable restrooms frequently, buying is the most cost-effective option. Financing options are available for business owners who are interested in buying a mobile restroom trailer.

If you are interested in buying a mobile restroom trailer, contact LuxuryLav at 877-380-8515 today. Our helpful staff can answer your questions and offer recommendations on which of our trailers will best meet your business’s needs.

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