Renting vs. Buying a Mobile Restroom Trailer

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renting vs. buying a mobile restroom trailer

Restroom trailers offer a unique blend of utility and convenience for your sanitation needs. When weighing the decision of renting versus buying a mobile restroom trailer for your business, consider the features, availability, and costs involved. Whether you own an event management company with hundreds of guests or a construction firm with dozens of contractors, being able to provide adequate …

What’s the Best Type of Portable Restroom Trailer for Your Wedding?

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What is the best type of portable restroom trailer you can rent for a wedding? Talk to LuxuryLav!

An outdoor wedding can be an event to remember, but not if your guests lack access to sanitary bathrooms. Finding the best type of portable restroom trailer for a wedding helps ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. Planning the perfect wedding, or any large event outdoor event, requires keeping guests well fed, well hydrated, and well taken care of. …

Breaking Down Your Budget: How Much It Costs to Buy a Portable Restroom

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How much does it cost to buy a portable restroom? LuxuryLav breaks down the costs and what your options are.

Once you experience the clean, sanitary facilities and easy convenience of a portable restroom trailer, you will likely be asking how you can buy your own. Part of planning both construction site work and any type of event held outdoors or in remote locations is the need to provide sufficient access to restroom facilities for workers, event staff, and guests. …