What Makes a Luxury Restroom Trailer So Luxurious?

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Luxury restroom trailers are perfect for weddings and outdoor events.

You have heard that luxury restroom trailers are different than porta potties. The comfort, cleanliness, and customizable options make luxury restroom trailers unique—something your guests will appreciate and remember. When you are in charge of putting together an event—be it as small as an intimate wedding or as large as a multi-day festival—you have a lot of decisions to make. …

The #1 Choice in Sanitation Solutions: Porta Potties or Restroom Trailers?

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Deciding between porta potties vs. restroom trailers for your next event? There’s one sanitary solution that meets and surpasses needs and expectations of your guests – a luxury restroom trailer. When people think of outdoor restroom facilities they tend to immediately think of the green box with an open excrement pit – a porta potty. Yet, there is a better …