What Makes a Luxury Restroom Trailer So Luxurious?

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Luxury restroom trailers are perfect for weddings and outdoor events.

You have heard that luxury restroom trailers are different than porta potties. The comfort, cleanliness, and customizable options make luxury restroom trailers unique—something your guests will appreciate and remember. When you are in charge of putting together an event—be it as small as an intimate wedding or as large as a multi-day festival—you have a lot of decisions to make. …

What’s the Best Type of Portable Restroom Trailer for Your Wedding?

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What is the best type of portable restroom trailer you can rent for a wedding? Talk to LuxuryLav!

An outdoor wedding can be an event to remember, but not if your guests lack access to sanitary bathrooms. Finding the best type of portable restroom trailer for a wedding helps ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. Planning the perfect wedding, or any large event outdoor event, requires keeping guests well fed, well hydrated, and well taken care of. …

Breaking Down Your Budget: How Much It Costs to Buy a Portable Restroom

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How much does it cost to buy a portable restroom? LuxuryLav breaks down the costs and what your options are.

Once you experience the clean, sanitary facilities and easy convenience of a portable restroom trailer, you will likely be asking how you can buy your own. Part of planning both construction site work and any type of event held outdoors or in remote locations is the need to provide sufficient access to restroom facilities for workers, event staff, and guests. …

Ready to Rent? Here’s How Portable Restroom Trailers Work

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While portable restroom trailers are ideal for festivals and fairs, they also add convenience and comfort for weddings, tailgating, and long-term construction projects. Most people associate portable restrooms with major outdoor events, such as weddings, festivals, fairs, concerts, and tailgating. The Porta Potty is usually something to endure rather than a nice amenity that adds to the overall experience of …