The #1 Choice in Sanitation Solutions: Porta Potties or Restroom Trailers?

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Deciding between porta potties vs. restroom trailers for your next event? There’s one sanitary solution that meets and surpasses needs and expectations of your guests – a luxury restroom trailer.

When people think of outdoor restroom facilities they tend to immediately think of the green box with an open excrement pit – a porta potty. Yet, there is a better option out there with luxury restroom trailers that offer a clean, sanitary, and climate controlled facility that can be set up quickly, then moved to the next location with ease. If you are considering purchasing porta potties vs. restroom trailers for your next outdoor event or project, there’s a clear choice when it comes to a sanitary restroom solution.

A Difference in Cleanliness and Comfort

Luxury restroom trailers and porta potties are as different as night and day when it comes to sanitary conditions. Porta potties have the same basic design with a toilet that has an open holding tank underneath the booth where chemicals break down the waste. Some may have a wash stand, either inside the unit or outside, for hand washing.

Restroom trailers are different in every way. A luxury restroom trailer has multiple restrooms housed inside one portable unit, and also contain a true indoor sink area with fresh, running water. There are also shower units available that are sure to be a hit when you have competitive events or dirty worksites. Restroom trailers also have larger holding tanks, so the wastewater is actually flushed into the tank and away from the restroom area. This also limits the smell commonly associated with outdoor toilets, giving guests and employees the experience of using an indoor bathroom in an outdoor setting.

The Many Amenities of a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Luxury restroom trailers provide ample space and bright lighting for guests with mobility concerns. While some porta potties are labeled as handicap accessible, they really do not accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities or the elderly. When you rent or purchase restroom trailers from LuxuryLav you know that it is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.

Luxury restroom trailers can be pumped out as needed, paper goods replaced, and the facilities cleaned and sanitized as often as you like. Finally, luxury restroom trailers are climate controlled with heat and air. This can be a make a huge difference in the comfort and overall experience of those using the facilities, particularly during the sweltering summer months and freezing winter months.

Purchasing a Restroom Trailers Saves Money in the Long-Run

Renting a restroom trailer is a great option if you have one event you are planning. But for event planners, owners of outdoor venues, and construction contractors, buying a portable restroom trailer can be a cost-effective solution for your projects year-round. You get the peace of mind of always knowing you have comfortable, sanitary restroom facilities ready to go on a moment’s notice. You will save time and effort making arrangements when you own your own restroom trailer and can move to the next location with little effort. All of your employees, clients, guests, and on-site visitors will appreciate the added quality and comfort of a luxury restroom trailer.

If you are interested in renting or purchasing luxury restroom trailers, contact LuxuryLav at 877-380-8515.

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