We have portable restroom trailers available for rent today.

LuxLav III

The LuxLav III targets larger gatherings with its three restrooms and extra large 460 gallon holding tank (1300+ flushes). Perfect for weddings, golf outings, corporate functions, and other upscale special events; even the most discriminating guest will find the accommodations “up-to-par”. Our LuxLav III can be easily converted down to a one or two unit, perfectly affordable for small to mid-sized events.


LuxLav ADA+4

Our LuxLav ADA+4 is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of disabled users. Our LuxLav ADA unit is not just ADA accessible, but ADA COMPLIANT, meeting or exceeding the permanent structure criteria as specified by the American Disabilities Act. That’s a big difference!


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Our portable restroom trailers for rent come equipped with the following

  •  Flushable Toilets & Urinals 
    Once something goes in, you never have to see it again.
  • Sinks with Running Water
    Turn on and off fresh water supply.
  • Heating & Air
    Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Soap & Towel Dispenser
    Hand soap and paper towels are dispensable and replaceable.
  • Toilet Paper Holder
    Toilet paper is available at every toilet.
  • Sanitary Supply Receptacle
    Available for women’s restroom modules only.
  • Nicely Appointed Interiors
    Appreciate the real walls, floors, countertops, sinks, and toilets!
  • LED Lighting
    See your way inside, even in the dark.
  • Shatterproof Mirror
    Use large mirrors that won’t break on the road.
  • Sound System
    AM/FM radio complete with surround sound speakers.
  • Fresh Water Holding Tanks
    Fresh water pumps into the sinks and toilets like a real restroom.
  • Impeccable Attendant Service
    LuxuryLav takes care of you and your guests throughout the event.
  • ADA Compliant Units
    Our ADA compliant trailers have ramps, rails, and accessible private stalls.
  • War Memorial Stadium Tailgating at Razorback Football Game, Little Rock, AR
  • Harvestfest in Little Rock, AR
  • Little Rock Polo Classic, Little Rock, AR
  • Wedding in Arkadelphia, AR
  • Baldwin & Shell Company Party, Little Rock, AR
  • Clinton School of Public Service Graduation
  • Wedding in Brinkley, AR
  • Dugan’s Pub Block Party, Little Rock, AR
  • Construction Project in Pine Bluff, AR

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