What’s the Best Type of Portable Restroom Trailer for Your Wedding?

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What is the best type of portable restroom trailer you can rent for a wedding? Talk to LuxuryLav!

An outdoor wedding can be an event to remember, but not if your guests lack access to sanitary bathrooms. Finding the best type of portable restroom trailer for a wedding helps ensure your guests are happy and comfortable.

Planning the perfect wedding, or any large event outdoor event, requires keeping guests well fed, well hydrated, and well taken care of. Access to clean, comfortable restroom facilities is a crucial part of making sure the most memorable part was “I do” and not the long wait for unsanitary restrooms. If your wedding is going to be located outdoors or even at a private residence, small church, or park pavilion where there are limited or no bathroom facilities available, you should consider a clean, sanitary portable toilet rental for weddings. If you are an event or wedding planner responsible for multiple events throughout the year, purchasing a portable restroom trailer is an excellent investment to help you grow your business and reduce logistical planning. 

Selecting a Portable Restroom Trailer for Your Wedding

When choosing the best type of portable restroom trailer for your wedding, you will first need to know some of the basic logistics of the event:

  • Number of potential attendees
  • If there are individuals with disabilities, infants that will need changing tables, or any other specific needs
  • Length of time the event is expected to last
  • Availability of water, power, and sewage connections
  • If alcohol will be served
  • Expected weather for the event

Taking all this into consideration, you will be able to determine the best type of portable restroom trailer for your event based on the number of restrooms needed. For most wedding planners, a basic guide is to provide about one restroom for 25 guests, and to weight that number slightly in favor of female guests. Remember that both alcohol consumption and hot, humid weather conditions can encourage guests to consume more liquids and result in more frequent trips to the restroom, so make sure you plan accordingly.

So, what are your options? There are multiple-unit portable restroom trailers with extra-large holding tanks that can be converted down to one or two units for smaller gatherings. There are also portable restroom trailers you can rent that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible and compliant to meet the specific needs of individuals with physical disabilities and the elderly. These trailers feature ramp options as well as a hydraulic system that lowers the trailer to the ground level for easy access.

More Options to Consider

In addition to determining the number of restrooms you need from a portable toilet rental, it is important to also consider the optional features. If the event is formal, you may wish to choose a bigger model that provides comfort features, such as seating and additional wash stations, that are similar to those found in traditional indoor restrooms. If the wedding is in a remote setting and the wedding party will be changing getting ready on site, a portable restroom trailer that includes shower units will make for a great day.

If you are interested in learning more about the best type of portable restroom trailers for your wedding, contact LuxuryLav at 877-380-8515 today.

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